Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Who should be our next doll?

Even though there are quite a few dolls here and Bre has very little money, she always likes to have a plan or a list of the next dolls she wants. That way she doesn't decide one day, "hey, I'm gonna buy so-and-so!" without thinking it through.

There are a few we want, but who to get very next?

Marisol (been on her list since '05!)
A regency era custom doll
A customized #26 to be her mini-me and Ashley's sister

Who do you think oughta be next? We want everyone to vote! And tell us why you picked who you did. Thanks!


  1. Marisol! She is really unique and has lovely hair. #21 is next on Tía's list. Hugs from Mia and Eva.

  2. I'm going to have to say a customized #26...or Marisol.

  3. I pick: Rebecca, because she is my most favoritest doll in the world (lol). I love her story, her collection & she is so beautiful. I'm quite partial to mine, but that is my opinion. (;

    My other choice for you would be either a regency era custom doll, because she would be unique and interesting, or the custom mini-you, because I love custom dolls and I love the idea of a mini-me doll. :D

    Hope this helps & good luck with your choosing!


  4. Hi Wendy!!!
    Spencer says #21 and I agree, she is VERY beautiful and gorgeous! I'm so glad you've been posting more! :D

  5. #21 totally!!!!!!! They are so pretty. Cali is probably my favorite doll I own! Her curls are to die for. Maybe she could be Quinn's sister???
    My second choice would be Marisol. She is absolutely adorable and I love the Josefina facemold on her.
    I hope this helped! :)


  6. I'm going to be no help whatsoever, but my picks are between the custom #26, Marisol, and Rebecca. I suppose you can eliminate Rebecca because she's still newish, though. You have plenty of time to get her. Marisol is really lovely, so if you can find her for a good price, get her. But since Bre has a limited budget, maybe custom #26 should be the next. She'll be awfully special to Bre - there is nothing like a mini-me! - and Ashley will be happy to have her sister.

    Okay, I guess my final pick would be custom #26!

    Good luck deciding,

  7. Rebecca. I have her and she has so pretty hair and tan skin. She's my favorite!


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