Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In honor of Jane Austen week...

Hello, blog pals! As you may have heard, it's Jane Austen week! So I got together with my friends Nicki and Ashley, we borrowed Josefina's regency dresses and did a photo shoot! We're the heroines from some of Austen's most famous works -- Pride and Prejudice and Emma! We'd have gotten a couple of our other friends and done more heroines from her other books, but Josefina only has the three dresses we're wearing, lol. Anyways...

Ashley is Elizabeth Bennet from P&P. Lizzy has dark hair and "fine" dark eyes, is quick witted, sarcastic, smart and funny. She's the quintessential Austen heroine.

I'm Jane Bennet, Elizabeth's older sister. Jane is sweet, compassionate, blonde, and beautiful.

Nicki is Emma Woodhouse from Emma. Miss Woodhouse is a little daft at times, but her heart is always in the right place.

The Bennet sisters

Feeling lovely and ladylike.

Oh, and in other news, in case you don't already know, Lucy, the newest girl here, has opened her blog! It's called Love, Lucy. Go show her some love. =) (She's sad because no one besides me commented on her last blog post...)