Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The blackout

Hey everyone! We had a really bad storm here there other day (Sunday). At first, it was cool because the wind sounded neat, but then it started scaring Bre's cats and they got nervous. The wind made Bre want to watch The Wizard of Oz, as wind always does, but before we had a chance the power went out. It stayed out until dark! So Bre and her mom got out the lantern, and lit a bunch of candles. The candle light is sorta cool... Bre kept saying it made her feel like it was a long time ago. And because she's like a movie nerd these days, she kept telling us how candles are considered "practical lighting." Weird.
The power came back on in the middle of the night though, so we were thankful not to be without for too long!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pictures from Addy's birthday

These are the pics I promised. I think Addy looks super sweet, and her new dress (her birthday present from Bre) is so nice! And Bre and her mom even got ice cream and a cherry pie in honor of the special day. =)

Love, Wendy

Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy birthday, Addy!

Hello, everyone! It's Wendy, your ever faithful blogger. =) Today is Addy's birthday. She was Bre's first doll, and she's super nice, so we're all very happy for her. She got a new dress, although I don't have pics at the moment, sorry. Maybe soon.

And you'll all be glad to know that we've had something of a break from all the drama -- Jason and Nicki are talking again. They're not going out or anything, but they are friends, and Nicki feels a lot better about that.

As for Claire, she stood up in English class today and announced that she was nominating me as "Queen of the Dorks." She got in trouble. =) And honestly, I've been called worse. Mostly by her and my older sisters, but still. That was the first thing she's even said since she threatened that none of us is safe.

But really, all of my friends are in some way affected by Claire. Ashley, Nicki, and I share classes with her. She's in girl scouts with me and Nicki. She's in Ashley and Taylor's dance classes, and she goes to the same church as Quinn and Nicki. Apparently she tripped Taylor in ballet the other day. Taylor figured it was an accident, but we all know better. Taking things out on Taylor is so unfair. She's not a part of this. Which one of us is next, I wonder?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Nicki and Claire and Me

I have to blog fast, since I'm super grounded.

Okay, I trust you all heard about that evil Claire telling Jason the truth about Nicki. Well, I got really mad about that. And yes, I got into a fight with her. And I'd do it again too. Why? I know I was wrong, but so was Claire. She has been so mean to me and even more so to Nicki. I saw my friend crying, and instincts took over. Claire was at fault, therefore she had to be taken down. But this Jason thing was only the latest mean thing she's done. She's treated Nicki like crap ever since they met.

Nicki, Claire, and I are all in the same girl scout troop. Claire's mom is troop leader. Claire has picked on her about being from Colorado, liking horse, wearing boots, and for having freckles ever since the first day she met her. And in troop meetings, her mom doesn't even make her stop teasing Nicki. Claire calls Nicki a hick at least once a day. She makes fun of me for being Jewish, and she makes fun of Ashley for having friends that are hicks and Jews.

Claire hadn't talked to me at all since the fight. Until today. After our troop meeting, she pulled me aside and said, "You're going down. You're all going down. None of you losers is safe." I just ignored her. She is so mistaken if she thinks any of us is scared. Perhaps this is war. If so, she can bring it.

As for Jason, he still isn't speaking to Nicki. She's kinda miserable about it... I hope he comes around, but there's nothing I can really do.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Guest Blogger Nicki Speaks

Hello, everyone! This is Nicki M. Fleming... the person who I'm sure you've all heard way more than you ever cared to know about me or anyone else. I'm not big on this whole... online communication thing... I mean, I like IMing and e-mails, but I feel like I wouldn't be able to get my words together enough to write a blog all the time like Wendy does. See, I'm rambling already!

So what I wanted to tell you all about was why Wendy hasn't posted lately. It's sorta a long story...

Okay, so remember she said how Jason IMed her and asked to meet me at the library the next day? Okay, well, I was SO excited because Jason is just so amazing. Seriously. Anyways, I went to meet him and he asked me if I wanted to be his GIRLFRIEND!!!!! And I said yes. I tried to be cool about it, but I really wasn't. So anyways, the next day was the dance, and we all got dressed up for it... even Wendy, although Ashley and I had to beg her to wear a dress. So we were all at the dance, and I was with Jason. There was a slow song on, and he had his arms around me. He's so shy so he was blushing, and it was really cute. I thought he was gonna kiss me, but one of the teachers came by and blew her whistle at us since that's so not allowed at school. Everything was perfect until this nasty, horrible girl that Wendy and I DO NOT get along with named Claire Lozano came up to me and Jason and asked him if he was babysitting me. Claire has a sister in 8th grade and she knows Jason. But when she said that, he was really confused and then she told him that I'm only in 6th grade. He said he couldn't believe I was such a liar, and I ran out crying. I know it was wrong to lie... I don't know why I did it. And it messed everything up.

After Claire ratted on me and I ran out, Wendy got into a fist fight with Claire. Fighting is wrong, but I couldn't help but feel a little bit vindicated when I saw Claire with a bloody nose. But when I saw Wendy being escorted out by the principal I felt super low. She got suspended for two days, detention for two weeks, and grounded for two weeks... all because of me.

All this happened a week ago, and Jason still won't talk to me. Wendy isn't mad anymore, and I'm doing everything I can to make it up to her. What else can I do? Help....

Love, Nicki (no long Nicole) Miranda Fleming

P.S. Here's a pic of me, Wendy, and Ashley dressed up for the dance.