Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy birthday, Addy!

Hello, everyone! It's Wendy, your ever faithful blogger. =) Today is Addy's birthday. She was Bre's first doll, and she's super nice, so we're all very happy for her. She got a new dress, although I don't have pics at the moment, sorry. Maybe soon.

And you'll all be glad to know that we've had something of a break from all the drama -- Jason and Nicki are talking again. They're not going out or anything, but they are friends, and Nicki feels a lot better about that.

As for Claire, she stood up in English class today and announced that she was nominating me as "Queen of the Dorks." She got in trouble. =) And honestly, I've been called worse. Mostly by her and my older sisters, but still. That was the first thing she's even said since she threatened that none of us is safe.

But really, all of my friends are in some way affected by Claire. Ashley, Nicki, and I share classes with her. She's in girl scouts with me and Nicki. She's in Ashley and Taylor's dance classes, and she goes to the same church as Quinn and Nicki. Apparently she tripped Taylor in ballet the other day. Taylor figured it was an accident, but we all know better. Taking things out on Taylor is so unfair. She's not a part of this. Which one of us is next, I wonder?


  1. Tell Addy that I wish her a happy birthday.
    I'm glad things between Jason and Nicki are alright. :)
    Ugh...Claire...she sounds like such a pest. Yeah, I definitely have been called worse, too. I'd try and ignore her.

  2. Happy Birthday to Addy! And I hope everything works out with Claire, but I'd say just ignore her.

  3. Happy Birthday, Addy!
    I'm glad that Nicki and Jason are at least talking again, though.
    Wow, Claire is such a jerk. But don't worry about her too much.

  4. Happy belated birthday to Addy. An Addy lives here, too :)

    Claire sounds like a big bully. I wouldn't like her and I don't know why anyone would want to be friends with a bully. Try to ignore her or tell the principal if things get worse (which I hope they don't!).


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