Monday, April 5, 2010

Nicki and Claire and Me

I have to blog fast, since I'm super grounded.

Okay, I trust you all heard about that evil Claire telling Jason the truth about Nicki. Well, I got really mad about that. And yes, I got into a fight with her. And I'd do it again too. Why? I know I was wrong, but so was Claire. She has been so mean to me and even more so to Nicki. I saw my friend crying, and instincts took over. Claire was at fault, therefore she had to be taken down. But this Jason thing was only the latest mean thing she's done. She's treated Nicki like crap ever since they met.

Nicki, Claire, and I are all in the same girl scout troop. Claire's mom is troop leader. Claire has picked on her about being from Colorado, liking horse, wearing boots, and for having freckles ever since the first day she met her. And in troop meetings, her mom doesn't even make her stop teasing Nicki. Claire calls Nicki a hick at least once a day. She makes fun of me for being Jewish, and she makes fun of Ashley for having friends that are hicks and Jews.

Claire hadn't talked to me at all since the fight. Until today. After our troop meeting, she pulled me aside and said, "You're going down. You're all going down. None of you losers is safe." I just ignored her. She is so mistaken if she thinks any of us is scared. Perhaps this is war. If so, she can bring it.

As for Jason, he still isn't speaking to Nicki. She's kinda miserable about it... I hope he comes around, but there's nothing I can really do.

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