Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bre's Post: Project Kirsten

By now, you’ve all heard about the latest victim of AG’s money makingest scheme – archival. As someone who greatly enjoys collecting these dollies and always has a list of the next few dolls to hope for, I was super bummed when I heard about Kirsten getting the axe… she was on my list, but not for a while yet. Of course this whole thing changes my plan a bit… Kirsten will be next.

We’ve been having a really tough time around my house, and I think I deserve a present. (Trust me XD) I tutor at my school and get paid… my first check will come on October 15th, and I’m hoping to use it to start myself on a little Kirsten collection. I’m hoping to get her, her accessory set, her school dress, and her little doll Sari. That way she’ll have a nice extra outfit (which is, coincidentally my favorite outfit of hers) and her little dolly. Every girl needs a doll, right? =) I’ve already read her books, but I don’t have them. My mom has hinted that she might be willing to get those off of Amazon for me though.

So that’s my current plan. Project Kirsten, or to sound even more mysterious: Project K. Wish me luck?

P.S. Wendy hasn’t been updating regularly because the internet is still off at our house. I’m at school now (shh!).

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's Just Life.

Hi everyone!!!! Guess what? I'm still alive! *thunderous applause*

Would you like to know where I've been? Nowhere. Here. The internet has been off at our house for over a month. =( Bre and I are going insane! We're spending a few days at Bre's friend's house (which, coincidentally, is where my friend Rachel lives), so we're bumming her 'netz.

Sooo... we started school again on August 24th. It takes a lot of time a day out of my doing nothing time, *sigh* but it's okay. I have a few classes with Nicki, so that's nice. I'm in marching band, and in November we're gonna play in the Veteran's Day parade.

And since I last talked to you all, Bre had a birthday (the big 2-1, if you can believe that!) and we got a new sister... Ivy! =) Everyone here is crazy about her... she's so pretty and has the best stories about San Francisco. Bre also got a new kitten... she now has three cats, and none of them are big doll fans. =P

Travelling Sheridan has come and gone. I don't have pictures at the moment, but we did have an awesome time. Bre has also taken back to school pics of all of us dollies which I hope to be able to show you soon.

I'm sorry I haven't been around to talk to all of you, and that I haven't been able to read your bloggings about what's going on with all of you. If I don't comment on any of your blog posts for a while, don't be offended.

I'll try to do as many posts as I can while we're here for these few days.

Your faithful blogger,
Wendy Madelyn Stein