Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Manga Me, among other things.

Hello all. =) I wanted to tell you about my weekend, but I couldn't think of a good title, lol. On Sunday, Bre and her friend (my auntie / godmother) went to the Renaissance faire. I wanted so badly to go, but she didn't think it would be a very good idea. But since they left really early that morning, she had to stay over at the auntie's house. And I did get to go to that! I got to see my friends Rachel, Samantha, and Kit who live there. We had our very own sleepover.

(Left to right: Rocko, Kit, Samantha, Rachel, Rachel's kitty, and me)

Samantha and Rachel belong to Auntie Diana, and Rocko (a BAB) and Kit belong to Auntie Becky, who is Auntie Diana's mom.

I also made cartoon versions of me and Quinn. What do you think?

In other news, I'm a little mad at Bre. I've been asking her for a Ren Faire costume, but she won't make it for me. It seems all she ever does these days is complain about how much the end of the semester sucks and listen to Bob Dylan. And the Beach Boys. And the Beatles. And don't get me started on her and Billy Joel. *sigh* School will end for her sooner than it will for me... hopefully things will be more normal. And Quinn just came back from her Nana's yesterday... her mom said she'll have to do extra work to make up for the assignment she missed. Which means she isn't allowed to have visitors or come over until she's caught up. *double sigh*

And Bre made a blog of her own. She says none of us (dolls) will be allowed to post on it. Not even me. Well, I suppose that's kinda fair, since I don't allow her to post on here really. Oh well. She also said any of you doll owners (and anyone else) are allowed to read it if you want.

Until next time,
Wendy (Angela Moira Darling) Stein XOXO

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Can I just have a huge sigh as my title?

Hi again guys, it's Quinn. =)

This weekend, I was supposed to go to LA with my Aunt Linda. She's modeling, and I was going to get to be her unofficial assistant. She was gonna even pay me! But I'd go for free, because I love being in that atmosphere. But I was supposed to do this book report for my mom and I kinda forgot. She got mad at me for slacking and I said she was being a little crazy. So no model's assistant weekend for me. =(

Instead I get to spend the weekend with my Nana. I love Nana and everything, but she's so strict! That's why Mom sends me and Ben here whenever we tick her off. The only reason I even get to post this right now is because Nana thinks I'm working on the book report. I sorta am, but I'm sorta also sulking.

And she calls me Mills. My real first name is Amelia (Quinn is my middle name), so she calls me Mills. Never mind the fact that I hate the name Amelia and any form of it. Honestly, how many jet setting model/fashion designers do you know that are named Amelia? I can think of like one.

Anyways, thanks for all the advice about my birthday, guys! I still haven't decided, but I liked some of your ideas. =) I'll keep ya posted!

Love, Quinn <3

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Today was Earth Day, and to commemorate that my GS troop did a nature walk. It was really fun! I have a few pictures for you...



Bre made
this album about it... there are a few more fun Earth Day shots. It also has pictures of this other girl Molly's birthday party, which was going on right around the time I climbed the tree. I wasn't invited... But whatever... Girl Scouts was fun today for once.

Oh, and Quinn asked me to thank you all for the advice about her birthday! She's still taking suggestions, so if anyone didn't see
the last post, you can still leave her comments if ya want. =) She'll (hopefully be posting again) to let you know what's going on in her life... I know you don't all wanna hear about everything second hand. ;)

Earlier, I heard my sister Sarah arguing with my mom about this tiny skirt she wanted to wear out this evening. Mom wouldn't let her out the house... and she definitely wouldn't if she knew she was trying to go out with some boy. Even though they're 16, the twins aren't allowed to date yet, but they secretly do. (These girls have such exciting lives...) Well, the only reason I know all this is because Beth and Sarah got into it with each other, so Beth was actually being nice to me. They're always both nice to me when they fight with each other.

Well, I guess that's about all for now. Talk to you again soon. =)

Until next time,

Wendy (Angela Moira Darling) Stein XOXO

Monday, April 20, 2009

Quinn here! Need some opinions.

Hey everyone! It's Quinn! Wendy is letting me post sometimes now too. This is my first official blogging, second if you count the one I wrote when Wendy was sick. I'm gonna try to come on here every now and then and talk to some of you... Wendy has told me so much about ya'll I feel like I know you too.

What I need opinions on is my birthday! It's coming up on June 1st, and I don't know what I wanna do. For my party, I mean. I've been given some options...

A. Have a sleepover. Would be fun, but we do that a lot!
B. Have a barbecue. Again, would be fun, but Wendy doesn't eat meat!
C. Have a picnic. Weather permitting, this would be great!
D. Go to a restaurant. I just think that might be too expensive...
E. Go to see a movie and out for pizza. Fun, but it's honestly been done before.

They'd all be great ways to spend my birthday, and that's probably why I can't decide! Which sounds most fun to you?

Love, Quinn <3

Sunday, April 19, 2009

New clothes!

Bre got us some new clothes on eBay, and she asked me and Quinn to model for her.

Here is the album. Have a look! Quinn got to wear a formal gown, and I am wearing a skirt. (Yes, you read that correctly. =D)

We got to take a couple of pics of each other for fun. =)

^Quinn took this pic of me. My headshot.

^I took this one of Quinn. She wanted to look thoughtful.

^Bre took this one of us. She likes pics that make us look sweet. =P

In other news, I'm afraid I've gotten a little behind in my blog reading. I'm going to go catch up as soon as this posts. Talk to you all soon, and be sure to let me know what you think of the clothes and pics. I need to know if I have a future as a model. LOL!

Until next time,
Wendy (Angela Moira Darling) Stein XOXO

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Sleepover at Quinn's House

I'm sleeping over at Quinn's tonight. Right now! But we're a little bored... we were in the front room having an all-night movie marathon but her mom came in and said we had to go to bed! We're in Quinn's room now, but we don't wanna go to sleep. We're doing everything we can to stay up and have fun... Quinn even put on some music and started dancing around the room like a crazy person. (You should have seen her... it was so funny =P) A while ago we actually went into Ben's room to see if he had any games to play. We played my Twister game earlier, but it's way more fun with more than two people. A few minutes before I started writing this, I found my sisters on myspace AND facebook (even though our parents say they aren't allowed to have either). They were set to private so I couldn't snoop. I can't even rat on them or they could tell about my blog, and I'm not really supposed to have this. Shhh...

A while ago we heard Aunt Linda sneaking in. She was out on a date with some guy... guess it went well. ;) Quinn asked her to go on a late night junk food run for us so we at least had lots of snacks.

We're gonna watch a dvd on my laptop now. Tomorrow night she's staying over at my house and we're gonna do it all over again. =)

Until next time,

Wendy (Angela Moira Darling) Stein XOXO

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Play

Today our class put on the play I was telling you all about in my last post. All of the kids who weren't in the play (me and several others) got to have "backstage" jobs. I was in charge of the curtain. Claire, our Anne Frank, wasn't able to memorize all of her lines, and neither did most of the other kids. There were so many "ums" and "uhhs" on that stage. Our teacher was turning red, blue, green, and purple. Then, one of the other kids ran into me backstage and I fell, pulling the curtain down. A few parents in the audience began to clap, and the principal didn't let them go back on to finish the show. It was so sad.

Then, when the principal was handing out the awards, she called Claire up to get her perfect attendance certificate. When she was going up the stairs, she tripped on her shoelace and fell. She hit her face and got a bad nosebleed, and started crying. When we went back to class after the assembly to get our stuff, I tapped her on the shoulder and told her she was such a big baby. She grunted and stormed away... and it felt so good.

After school, I went with Quinn, Ben, and their mom to see a movie at this theater downtown. They have what they call the family matinee, which is always an old Disney movie. Today we saw Dumbo, which I hadn't seen since I was a really little kid.

But the really big news is that I'm now officially on spring break!! Yay!! Are you all on break too or did you already have it?

Until next time,
Wendy (Angela Moira Darling) Stein XOXO