Saturday, April 25, 2009

Can I just have a huge sigh as my title?

Hi again guys, it's Quinn. =)

This weekend, I was supposed to go to LA with my Aunt Linda. She's modeling, and I was going to get to be her unofficial assistant. She was gonna even pay me! But I'd go for free, because I love being in that atmosphere. But I was supposed to do this book report for my mom and I kinda forgot. She got mad at me for slacking and I said she was being a little crazy. So no model's assistant weekend for me. =(

Instead I get to spend the weekend with my Nana. I love Nana and everything, but she's so strict! That's why Mom sends me and Ben here whenever we tick her off. The only reason I even get to post this right now is because Nana thinks I'm working on the book report. I sorta am, but I'm sorta also sulking.

And she calls me Mills. My real first name is Amelia (Quinn is my middle name), so she calls me Mills. Never mind the fact that I hate the name Amelia and any form of it. Honestly, how many jet setting model/fashion designers do you know that are named Amelia? I can think of like one.

Anyways, thanks for all the advice about my birthday, guys! I still haven't decided, but I liked some of your ideas. =) I'll keep ya posted!

Love, Quinn <3


  1. Hi, Quinn. Sorry about your situation, I hate doing book reports too and *always* put them off until last minute.
    And, besides, it would be cool if you were the only "jet setting model/fashion designer" named Amelia. You would be unique :) (You still are). But I like the name Quinn too...=)


  2. That's sucky that you can't have the fun weekend you wanted. I tend to forget about projects, too, sometimes, like book reports. I hope your day gets better. *hugs*

  3. Hi Quinn,
    I hate doing book reports too. I wish you were able to go with your aunt! That would have been really cool.

    I hope things get better!


  4. HI!

    I just wanted to say that our mange picture did not get sent the first time either! We had to try it over.

  5. Hi QUinn!
    It's Mia to lazy to sign in. I'm sorry about everything.... School just reaks....

  6. Thanks everyone! It wasn't too bad... I'm just gonna try to remember my homework so I don't get stuck at Nana's again!


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