Sunday, April 19, 2009

New clothes!

Bre got us some new clothes on eBay, and she asked me and Quinn to model for her.

Here is the album. Have a look! Quinn got to wear a formal gown, and I am wearing a skirt. (Yes, you read that correctly. =D)

We got to take a couple of pics of each other for fun. =)

^Quinn took this pic of me. My headshot.

^I took this one of Quinn. She wanted to look thoughtful.

^Bre took this one of us. She likes pics that make us look sweet. =P

In other news, I'm afraid I've gotten a little behind in my blog reading. I'm going to go catch up as soon as this posts. Talk to you all soon, and be sure to let me know what you think of the clothes and pics. I need to know if I have a future as a model. LOL!

Until next time,
Wendy (Angela Moira Darling) Stein XOXO


  1. I really like your new dresses! My favorite is the pink formal dress, it does look like it belongs to a princess! I also like your new outfit. The lace detailing on the top is lovely, as is the necklace!

  2. Hi Wendy,
    You guys look really pretty! I really like all of your new clothes. I love the outfit you wore. The black and white with the red necklace looks really cool. Quinn's black and white dress is really nice too, with the purple leggings and headband. The pink/peach dress is really pretty. You're hair style was really cool too!


  3. We LOVE LOVE LOVE that pink formal! OM gosh Quinn, how lovely you are. And Wendy, you were sizzling in that skirt!


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