Monday, April 20, 2009

Quinn here! Need some opinions.

Hey everyone! It's Quinn! Wendy is letting me post sometimes now too. This is my first official blogging, second if you count the one I wrote when Wendy was sick. I'm gonna try to come on here every now and then and talk to some of you... Wendy has told me so much about ya'll I feel like I know you too.

What I need opinions on is my birthday! It's coming up on June 1st, and I don't know what I wanna do. For my party, I mean. I've been given some options...

A. Have a sleepover. Would be fun, but we do that a lot!
B. Have a barbecue. Again, would be fun, but Wendy doesn't eat meat!
C. Have a picnic. Weather permitting, this would be great!
D. Go to a restaurant. I just think that might be too expensive...
E. Go to see a movie and out for pizza. Fun, but it's honestly been done before.

They'd all be great ways to spend my birthday, and that's probably why I can't decide! Which sounds most fun to you?

Love, Quinn <3


  1. Hmm...
    I think going for a picnic would be a lot of fun. For one thing, from what you said it's different from what you usually do, and for another, picnics are awesome! I also think going to a restraunt would be cool but only if it isn't too expensive. For even not-so-big groups, restraunt bills can go really high.
    I hope that this helps!

  2. We have many vegetarians at our house. Grilled vegetables are great substitutes for meat. If you decide you would like a BBQ, you should have one and fix Wendy some tasty grilled vegies on a separate grill (that has no meat flavor!)

    How fun!

    Tell us what you decide!

  3. I like the sound of a BBQ or picnic. Maybe you could go to a nice park that has some trails or a cool playground :) Unless you're too old for playgrounds...

    For the BBQ, you could make Wendy some grilled vegetable shish-kabobs (spelling?) I've had those before, they have like peppers and onions and stuff like that on them. They're pretty good :)

    A sleep over and the movies would be fun, but like you said you do that all the time, and it really isn't special. A resturaunt would be expensive too.

    Happy *Early* birthday Quinn!


  4. So what about a picnic AND a sleepover? You could meet up early enough to have a late lunch/early dinner outside, and then have everyone spend the night.

    I'm sure it'll be a blast no matter what you decide to do, though.


  5. I like Sophie's idea, myself. Depends on who stays the night. Whatever you decide, have lots of fun!


  6. BBQ! It sound SSOO yummy right now!


  7. OMG! Wendy talks about you ALL the time! She thinks that we're twins! We should be friends!! I think you should do...A DISCO PARTY!! Sorry that wasn't an option but, YOU CAn dress up and do karyoke!!!

  8. hi! i think you should have a picinic! and it'd be cool to go to a restauraunt,so maybe if some are too expenhsive,you could try cheaper restauraunts like Wendy's instead of places like carraba's grill. also,why don't you have a tea party? if ur not girly,u guys could have a reading or baseball themed tea party too! - Priscilla :D


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