Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Sick Day.


Hi everyone! This is Quinn, filling in for Wendy. She's sick right now... she even had to stay home from school. She had an asthma attack the other day and she's still feeling bad. I'm at her house right now keeping her company... she said I could come on here and let you all know what's going on with her and say hello.


Anyways, we've been watching movies most of the day today. First was Peter Pan since it's Wendy's favorite. Her mom said she's named after that Wendy. Isn't that cool? And apparently, the author of Peter Pan, JM Barrie, is the one who kinda made up and popularized the name Wendy. He had a family friend that called him "friendy" but pronounced it fwendy. I told her I was gonna start calling her Fwendy, but she didn't really like that idea. ;)

After the movies, we played with our dolls for a while. She had Molly and I had my reproduction vintage Barbie. I think those older dolls are SO much prettier than the new ones... and classier too. Well, anyways, we played this game Wendy made up called Super Dolly Death Fights Z. (She makes up a lot of games when she's really bored, lol.) I'm not too crazy about this game though... she always made herself the referee so she won every single time. If she had been feeling well, I might have challenged that. =) She was just mad because her mom made me a cup of hot chocolate but she couldn't have any since the milk would make her feel worse. Oh well.


She's asleep now... I'm going to be really quiet so I don't disturb her. Her mom said I'll have to go home if I keep her from getting her rest.


I hope Wendy is all better tomorrow and can go back to school... if she's all better then we can go back to having fun. XD

That's all for now I guess. Everyone send well wishes this way and Wendy can catch you up on everything that she's been up to!

Love, Quinn <3


  1. Hi Quinn, I'm Haley. You are such a good friend to Wendy. Tell her to hurry up and get well, don't want her to miss all the Valentines Day fun!

  2. Hi. I like your blog (er....Wendy's blog). That was nice of you to keep her company. I hope Wendy feels better soon.

    ~Rose (another doll)

    P.S. I love your sweater! It looks so cute on you!

  3. Oops, that was the wrong website.

  4. Awww Wendy I hope you feel better! I hope she gets well soon!

    You're such a good friend for updating the blog for her and keeping her company! Talk to you later :)

    _Avery V._

  5. Hello everyone! I'm back and I'm feeling quite a bit better. And yes, Quinn is such an awesome friend, in sickness and in health. XD

  6. hi Wendy! im new here!But,im not new to blogs! I read rose's blog and Doll Diaries all the time! I'm glad you feel better!
    -Eliza May(Another ag doll):)

  7. Get Well Soon, Wendy! It's not good to be sick. :( Unfortunately, with this weather going from cold to warm to cold again, I may be coming down with something as well.

    Quinn, you are such a great friend, but don't you get sick now!

  8. Quinn,Where did you get your laptop?
    We soooo want one!
    Love Sandy A + Nicki A

  9. Quinn, Where did you get those adorable pink boots, couture? Those are like to die for. BTW dolls aren't alive so how can they have an asthma attack? My dolls are models, duh.


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