Monday, September 19, 2011

Pirates ahoy!

Ahoy mateys! Tis yer hearty Wendy! I've had a wonderful pirate filled day!

I went to a charity event at the high school with my sisters Bethany and Sarah and my cousin Allie. While we were there, we met up with my sisters' friend Dylan and his younger sister and her best friend. Dylan's sister is Lucy and her friend is Keisha from the blog Friends Win! We had so much fun together. They're both really nice girls and I really enjoyed hanging out with them.

Enjoy the rest of the pics from this lovely day! Talk to you soon!




Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In honor of Jane Austen week...

Hello, blog pals! As you may have heard, it's Jane Austen week! So I got together with my friends Nicki and Ashley, we borrowed Josefina's regency dresses and did a photo shoot! We're the heroines from some of Austen's most famous works -- Pride and Prejudice and Emma! We'd have gotten a couple of our other friends and done more heroines from her other books, but Josefina only has the three dresses we're wearing, lol. Anyways...

Ashley is Elizabeth Bennet from P&P. Lizzy has dark hair and "fine" dark eyes, is quick witted, sarcastic, smart and funny. She's the quintessential Austen heroine.

I'm Jane Bennet, Elizabeth's older sister. Jane is sweet, compassionate, blonde, and beautiful.

Nicki is Emma Woodhouse from Emma. Miss Woodhouse is a little daft at times, but her heart is always in the right place.

The Bennet sisters

Feeling lovely and ladylike.

Oh, and in other news, in case you don't already know, Lucy, the newest girl here, has opened her blog! It's called Love, Lucy. Go show her some love. =) (She's sad because no one besides me commented on her last blog post...)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Meet Lucy!

Hello again! I don't know how many of you have seen these pictures, but I'd like to introduce everyone to the new girl in town: Lucy Nakamura!


This is the #4 Bre is getting/got for her birthday next month. She's pretty much already out playing with all of us, so she's sorta become an early birthday present! =P

I don't know her very well yet (she's a bit shy), but I do know she's 11 years old and plays volleyball and soccer. Bre says Lucy may open a blog... I'll let you all know the link if she does. =D

And in other news, the last round of Little Miss Playthings is open for voting now. If you're a Playthings member, Josefina would appreciate any votes sent her way. =D


Talk to you soon!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The year is 1995, and...

Hello, everyone! By now I'm sure you've all heard the news... MyAG #4 (the original Asian girl with bangs) has been discontinued. Bre has wanted this doll for a while, but it's hard to keep up with the modern dolls when the historicals are getting archived left and right. But a doll collecting future without the possibility of adding the adorable #4 was too bleak for Bre. So she started looking on eBay and sales listings on the message board, and someone offered to sell one to her for less than retail! The only bummer is that she's officially Bre's birthday present from her mom, and her birthday isn't until August 15th! That's well over a month of the new girl sitting in a box waiting to be loved.

But #4 being discontinued made me think. Of the 20 original girls released way back when in 1995, not many of us are left.

Maybe our bangs are not as fashionable as they used to be. Maybe some of the newer dolls are prettier or more unique, but we're still special, too. Bre never had an AGOT growing up (don't get us wrong, she loved and still loves Addy), and she always sorta wanted one. She has several now, but I'm her favorite. And that's not bragging... it's acknowledged fact that I'm her favorite modern doll. Why? Because I'm the sort of AGOT doll she might have had as a little girl in the '90s. Of these original 20 dolls, Bre has 3 (Me, Amira, and Brittany -- or #12, #11, and #7), soon to be 4. I personally know 2 more (Rachel and Julia -- #20 and #5) who belong to Bre's good friend and her sister. Do you have any of us original girls?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Felicity's Town Fair outfit!

Hello, all! Josefina thanks you all for the good vibes you sent her way in LMPT. She had a photo session the other day and got two rounds out of the way. She's feeling (more or less) positive about it! =)

Anyways, I'm happy to report to you all that a package came today, and in it was a present for Felicity! I'm NOT a big dress fan, but her's are very pretty anyways. Miss Lissie squealed when she saw that inside the package was her Town Fair gown!


Well, it's a replica of the gown sewn especially for Bre to give to Felicity. She commissioned it from the amazingly talented Terrie of All Dolled Up. (If you haven't checked out her beautiful and affordable work, you're missing out!) This dress is just gorgeous. Lissie is so happy to have something new to wear, and also happy to have a pretty new mob cap (since she only has two and they don't coordinate well with everything).


For fun, Lissie went out with Addy and they modeled their straw hats. =)


And in other (me related) news, I'm in The Doll Wardrobe's photo contest! It'd really help me out if you'd consider voting for me! I'm photo 11, and the information on how to vote is on the link above. Thanks!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A bit of news!

Hello, all! I'm back, loves, and I've got a bit of news! =)

I probably hadn't mentioned this on this blog (what with my 85 year absence...), but Josefina lives here now! And she is... so... BEAUTIFUL! She's really nice, too, so I don't even feel right being jealous.

Anyways, to make her feel accepted and special, Bre has allowed her to enter the Little Miss Playthings contest this year! Believe it or nor, this is Bre's first time entering, and she and Josefina are both really excited. Considering the fact that she had planned to enter me, I should be upset... but c'mon... a beauty contest is hardly my scene. (Even if I am a little stunner... LOL, I kid, I assure you.)

And just in case you all miss seeing me, I'll share a recent pic of me!

I had a little adventure in baking. =) It looks more like I had an adventure in mess making though!

In other news, I'm out of school for the summer, so I'll try to update this blog more frequently. And as many of you know, my friend Nicki lives here in California with her grandma and spends the summers with her family in Colorado... she's leaving next week. We're throwing her a little going away party soon... I'll let you all know what happens!

Anyways, I guess that's about it for now...
Love, Wendy

P.S. If you really want to stay in touch, add me as a facebook friend here, or just "like" my fan page here! Thanks!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

100th post! Can you believe it?

Hello, dear blog friends! It is I, Wendy, your faithful blogger! I have to apologize right away for my lack of posts. Knowing that this was going to be my 100th, I wanted to do something special for it... I wanted to wait until I had a sensational idea, big news, or both. But the truth is, as time wore on and I concentrated more, I decided that I should do something sort of introspective and commemorative. (And I'll try not to hurt my arm patting myself on the back, lol.)

My first post ever was written on January 2, 2009. If you weren't reading my blog way back then, or you don't really remember what I said (and I'll be honest here... I didn't really remember myself!), you can read that post here.

When I made that post, I was much younger, and very different. I didn't really have any friends, so it was always hard for me to talk to people. Talking to you all on this blog made me feel wanted and accepted. Suddenly, there were people who thought I was cool too, and interesting enough to read about! I became more confident almost immediately. Soon after opening this blog, I met Quinn... and she's still my very best friend. We have very little in common besides the fact that we value each other and our friendship above anything else.

Since this blog began, I've met many, many dolls. Bre's collection has more than TRIPLED -- from 6 dolls in January of 2009 to her current collection of 16 AG dolls, a bitty baby, 2 Gotz dolls, 2 Journey Girls, an Our Generation doll, a Magic Attic Club doll, and a Karito Kid doll, not to mention an Ellowyne, so many Barbies and friends that it's best not to count, and miscellaneous other "shelf" dolls. I've made friends through this blog who are just as dear to me as the dolls who live here, and I've met two of them in person... maybe I'll meet more soon!

I'm a more adventurous person than I used to be... specifically where fashion is concerned! I've grown to appreciate the talent it takes to create quality handmade AG clothes... and I've also grown to appreciate the beauty of historical clothes.

This blog has helped me learn and grow. I'm a bigger and better person because of it. I know more about fashion, style, photography, all of you, and most of all, myself. For this, the experience has been priceless.

I plan to update this blog much more regularly now. I want this blog to rise from it's own ashes... like a phoenix of prose and art. My goal is to continue growing and learning, and to entertain as much as possible. Thank you all for being a part of this with me!

Love Always,
Wendy M. Stein and Bre, AKA BuckinghamAlice

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Big news: me at Innerstar U!

Hey everyone! It's officially February, and I've got news. As some of you may know from facebook, I'm now a student at Innerstar U! I'm only going part time, and the rest of the time is at my old school. I'm trying to decide if transferring would be good for me. So far I really love it. I've got a dorm that I stay in while I'm at Innerstar, and there are a ton of nice people. I've already been invited to several parties!

It felt weird at first, splitting time between two schools... leaving my friends. But my teachers are supportive of my splitting time idea... in fact, they recommended the same thing for Ashley.

Hope to see some of you around campus!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm on Facebook!

So, up until now, Bre has said that I'm not allowed on Facebook or any site like that. She said I wasn't old enough and, knowing me, would get us all into trouble. =P But since I had a birthday last month, and I've been pretty much behaving myself, she let me make a facebook page!

You can find me here.

Any of you that have pages should totally add me! I've found a few people through Bre's page, but if you have facebook and I didn't add you, go ahead and add me!

Talk to you all soon!

Love, Wendy

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas pics and Felicity pics!

Sorry these are so late. I posted the album some days back, but I'm just now getting around to posting the link here. Oh well. Please enjoy!
Album is here. Comments, as always, are appreciated! Thanks!
By the way... Happy New Year!!