Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Big news: me at Innerstar U!

Hey everyone! It's officially February, and I've got news. As some of you may know from facebook, I'm now a student at Innerstar U! I'm only going part time, and the rest of the time is at my old school. I'm trying to decide if transferring would be good for me. So far I really love it. I've got a dorm that I stay in while I'm at Innerstar, and there are a ton of nice people. I've already been invited to several parties!

It felt weird at first, splitting time between two schools... leaving my friends. But my teachers are supportive of my splitting time idea... in fact, they recommended the same thing for Ashley.

Hope to see some of you around campus!


  1. Hi Wendy! Thanks for reading my blog! I like making new friends and I'm following your blog now :) Good luck with all your studies!


  2. Your school sounds fun! I like school too. Especially English class.


  3. Hi Wendy!

    I'm back on! See you around!

    Oh ya, this is Georgia.


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