Saturday, July 2, 2011

The year is 1995, and...

Hello, everyone! By now I'm sure you've all heard the news... MyAG #4 (the original Asian girl with bangs) has been discontinued. Bre has wanted this doll for a while, but it's hard to keep up with the modern dolls when the historicals are getting archived left and right. But a doll collecting future without the possibility of adding the adorable #4 was too bleak for Bre. So she started looking on eBay and sales listings on the message board, and someone offered to sell one to her for less than retail! The only bummer is that she's officially Bre's birthday present from her mom, and her birthday isn't until August 15th! That's well over a month of the new girl sitting in a box waiting to be loved.

But #4 being discontinued made me think. Of the 20 original girls released way back when in 1995, not many of us are left.

Maybe our bangs are not as fashionable as they used to be. Maybe some of the newer dolls are prettier or more unique, but we're still special, too. Bre never had an AGOT growing up (don't get us wrong, she loved and still loves Addy), and she always sorta wanted one. She has several now, but I'm her favorite. And that's not bragging... it's acknowledged fact that I'm her favorite modern doll. Why? Because I'm the sort of AGOT doll she might have had as a little girl in the '90s. Of these original 20 dolls, Bre has 3 (Me, Amira, and Brittany -- or #12, #11, and #7), soon to be 4. I personally know 2 more (Rachel and Julia -- #20 and #5) who belong to Bre's good friend and her sister. Do you have any of us original girls?


  1. I have AGOT #7! I got her in 1996, and named her Kaitlyn.

  2. Yay, AGOT 4! Congrats on getting her, Bre!

    I have my Anya, and she's an AGOT 14...sort of. She started out as a 1997 AGOT 7, but I didn't like her with that light wig that resembled Molly's. She was also supposed to look like my best friend who had dark brown hair. So, I purchased an AGOT 10 and eventually did a wig swap. Anya is perfect now.

    As a little girl, I also loved #5, #12, and #13, especially #12. No, I'm not copying you! She was my favorite, as I loved the combination of brown eyes and blonde hair. I would've loved to have gotten her, but sadly, I didn't. I don't know how much I want her anymore, as I'm content with just Anya. I also like #24 better anyway as she doesn't have bangs. However, every time I see a photo of Wendy, I wonder if I'm making the right decision not to get her, haha.


  3. I'd never accuse you of copying! =D Wendy says #24 is very pretty, but she maintains the superiority of #12 and herself in general. ;)

  4. Hey there Wendy! I'm Miki and I'm a #4. Sarah just got me but she's wanted me for a long time too. I was also a birthday present! Her birthday is August 11th. Sarah and your human are both Leos *rawr* =^.^= I was lucky and got to come out to play early. I'll be happy to meet your new friend when she gets here.

    My hair is the old style pie wedge bangs. At first my Sarah seems upset by this but I think she has grown to love my old school style ;) It's great to meet you!


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