Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A bit of news!

Hello, all! I'm back, loves, and I've got a bit of news! =)

I probably hadn't mentioned this on this blog (what with my 85 year absence...), but Josefina lives here now! And she is... so... BEAUTIFUL! She's really nice, too, so I don't even feel right being jealous.

Anyways, to make her feel accepted and special, Bre has allowed her to enter the Little Miss Playthings contest this year! Believe it or nor, this is Bre's first time entering, and she and Josefina are both really excited. Considering the fact that she had planned to enter me, I should be upset... but c'mon... a beauty contest is hardly my scene. (Even if I am a little stunner... LOL, I kid, I assure you.)

And just in case you all miss seeing me, I'll share a recent pic of me!

I had a little adventure in baking. =) It looks more like I had an adventure in mess making though!

In other news, I'm out of school for the summer, so I'll try to update this blog more frequently. And as many of you know, my friend Nicki lives here in California with her grandma and spends the summers with her family in Colorado... she's leaving next week. We're throwing her a little going away party soon... I'll let you all know what happens!

Anyways, I guess that's about it for now...
Love, Wendy

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  1. Sorry, but I don't have a facebook account. :)

    I would love to know more stuff about you, because I just started following your blog!:)


    PS: My dolls have a blog it is

  2. Welcome, Josefina! Have fun in LMPT. I don't think anyone from Fair Hollow is entering this year, which is a shocker. I competed in 2008, though, and that was really fun. Like you, I didn't think I'd be interested in a beauty contest, but LMPT, at least to me, is so much more than a beauty contest. And, hey, I placed 3rd, so that was pretty great in itself. :)

    Wendy, maybe you should ask Bre to buy you an apron? ;)

    I'd 'like' and friend you on Facebook, but you know I already have!


  3. Hey Wendy! And welcome, Josefina!

    Susie, Lissie and Kit told me that LMPT is fun to participate in. Only Lissie had a couple photos that placed and that was back in the first one. I did the Miss Hostboard, before that.

    Anyhoo, school's almost out here; not quite yet though. Haha, yeah, baking can be messy but it's fun, too, and I love it :D


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