Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Sleepover at Quinn's House

I'm sleeping over at Quinn's tonight. Right now! But we're a little bored... we were in the front room having an all-night movie marathon but her mom came in and said we had to go to bed! We're in Quinn's room now, but we don't wanna go to sleep. We're doing everything we can to stay up and have fun... Quinn even put on some music and started dancing around the room like a crazy person. (You should have seen her... it was so funny =P) A while ago we actually went into Ben's room to see if he had any games to play. We played my Twister game earlier, but it's way more fun with more than two people. A few minutes before I started writing this, I found my sisters on myspace AND facebook (even though our parents say they aren't allowed to have either). They were set to private so I couldn't snoop. I can't even rat on them or they could tell about my blog, and I'm not really supposed to have this. Shhh...

A while ago we heard Aunt Linda sneaking in. She was out on a date with some guy... guess it went well. ;) Quinn asked her to go on a late night junk food run for us so we at least had lots of snacks.

We're gonna watch a dvd on my laptop now. Tomorrow night she's staying over at my house and we're gonna do it all over again. =)

Until next time,

Wendy (Angela Moira Darling) Stein XOXO


  1. Sounds fun!!! I LOVE sleepovers!

  2. Ha Ha Ha! You are sooooooooooo cute Wendy. Imagine Facebook and Myspace...those are some socially inclined sisters of yours!

    12 ofdolls

  3. Wendy,
    Sounds like you and Quinn are having a lot of fun. You've gotta *hate* grown-ups. They don't understand the whole "all night" thing :P

    LOL! I would have loved to see Quinn dancing, that would have been interesting!

    Twister is fun, but you're right, it's more fun with a lot of people! It's a lot harder though.

    Wow, Myspace AND Facebook, I agree with 12OldFashionDolls, those are some socially inclined sisters of yours! Too bad you couldn't tell on them!

    Hehe, your having "bubble sleepovers"! That's what everyone around here calls having 1 sleep over one night then doing it again the next night!

    Talk to you later. Have fun!


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