Monday, October 5, 2009

I miss you guys =(

Hi everyone! It's your faithful and forever blogger friend Wendy! Our internet is still off (it's driving us all loopy!) and I miss you guys really bad! I'm at school right now... thank goodness for computer labs! I try to read your blogs when I'm at school, but I don't usually have time to comment (especially since we aren't supposed to use the computers for fun stuff, just school stuff... yadda yadda.)

So, as you all might have read on Bre's post, she's saving up to buy Kirsten. I just noticed that two of the things she wanted are already backordered... she won't be happy about that. As for me, I feel like I'm going crazy at school... it's SO boring. Day in, day out, the same thing. It's too early in the school year to feel burnt out, but I already do.

Nicki had a birthday a while back (September 17th.) She's 11 now. Taylor and I are the only ones who are still 10, and her birthday is later this month. I feel like such a baby. =P

Well, thanks for still thinking about me out here in planet boring. Hope to talk soon!


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