Friday, November 19, 2010

Entry for the Bolton Girls contest - Best friends


Quinn is my very best friend. Although we both have other friends now, she'll always be the most special person in the world to me. This picture is from last year when we went to my school carnival together and got our faces painted and bought our crazy best friend hats from the rummage sale. =) This winter, Quinn and I are hoping to spend a lot of time together. We definitely want to do all our gift shopping together... which will be fun because I celebrate Hanukkah and she celebrates Christmas, so we get to shop double. We've saved all of our babysitting money for this. We'll probably watch holiday movies together, and I know we'll have a big cookie baking day. It would be nice if we got snow here to build snowmen and that sort of thing, but even in the dead of winter, we can still play outside when without wearing much more than a good sweater, so we'll get to do most of the same stuff we do in the fall. As always, I'm looking forward to hanging out with her! Thanks for reading this!


  1. I hope that you and Quinn have a great time together this winter! The activities you are planning to do sound like a lot of fun! ;)

  2. I got your entry on the contest page .. thanks sooooo much for entering .. Kelsyee

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