Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blog changes

You may have noticed that I changed up my blog a bit.  I added a couple of links at the side, moved the pic of me and Quinn to the top, and got a neat new tie-dye background.  But the biggest change would be that I'm once again the soul author of this page.  Quinn has decided that she's not interested in blogging anymore, and that's fine with me.  If she ever does have something to say, she can borrow my blog, like she did in the good ole' days.  And Bre has been banished, as well.  She has her own blog about doll collecting here, which you should be following and reading if you're not already. =P  For a while, mine was the only blog so it became the sort of catch all place to post about anything, but now there's a better place for that.  You could sort of say my blog is being completely refocused.   Maybe I'll be more diligent about updates, now. =P

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