Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Winter Dance

Hello, friends! I've sure missed talking to you all. I have something to tell you about. =)

Sometime last week, I was walking home from school with my friend Peter. He usually has to take the bus because he lives clear on the other side of town, but this day he was going to his cousin (and my friend) Ashley's house. Ashley and Nicki left us alone to walk together... which was embarrassing, but nice at the same time... if that makes any sense.

When we were close to my house, Peter finally started to tell me about this dance that he had to go to. You see, Peter's dad was permanently disabled a few years ago, so he stays home and takes care of Peter and his sister and the house. And he's really involved with charities and community affairs, so he kind of planned this dance at the youth center. And since Peter had to go, he thought I might like to go with him.

It felt sort of weird. I mean, Peter stressed the fact that it's not a date and I agreed to that, but I had never been to a dance like that, and certainly never with a boy. But Peter is my friend... and I like him. I mean, I'm not ready for a boyfriend obviously, but Peter is also sort of more than a friend. Don't tell anyone about this, but he's told me that he likes me, but he's not ready for a girlfriend. It's sort of hard to explain, but I guess you could say he and I have an understanding. So, with all that considered, and considering the fact that the dance did sound like fun, I had to say yes.

But that didn't stop me from being nervous all this week. But I didn't really have any reason to worry.

The dance was on Friday. Peter and his dad picked me up that afternoon early, since his dad had to be there to set up. We couldn't get out of the house without my mom taking a picture.

So we went to the dance and helped Peter's dad and the other committee members set up. Some of the committee members had kids there as well, and we spent a lot of time talking to them and goofing off when the adults weren't looking. When the dance finally started, Peter and I spent a lot of time talking to each other and other kids, eating cookies, drinking punch, and enjoying the music. Neither of us likes to dance much, so we only danced twice. One song was fast, so that was easy. The other was slow.

Okay, I'll admit it... I was extremely embarrasses when he put his hands on my waist. I think he was too, because he was blushing a little. I thought he might feel weird dancing with me like that since I'm taller than him, but he seemed okay with it. He told me he was having a wonderful time and that he was glad he invited me. I told him I was glad I came, too.

When he and his dad took me home, he walked me to my door like a gentleman. And right before he left, he told me that I was the prettiest girl at the dance. I blushed so hard, I think my cheeks are still hot! When I went inside, I called Quinn and we talked about everything that happened in detail for over an hour. I'm so glad I have a best friend!

So, that's what happened between me and a boy who is not my boyfriend on an evening that was not a date. I can't believe I'm saying this, but it was really and truly wonderful.


  1. Hi Wendy! I think I would have done the complete opposite if I had been asked to a dance...I probably would have run away blushing out of minimal embarrassment! Actually, I would have done a lot of different things, depending on which day it would happen to me. ;)

    I think my human said something about slow-dancing once. She said it wasn't somebody she liked but it was the only guy at the dance from her grade that didn't drive her up a wall. :}

    And don't feel ashamed about having it feel truly wonderful...I'm sure that's exactly how it's meant to feel!

    Mia =)

    1. Thanks, Mia! I was considering running away when he asked me, but somehow "yes" popped out of my mouth before anything else could happen. =P

  2. It sounds like you had a fun time! It's great that you and Peter have an understanding about not being ready to date yet, but still able to be close friends and care about each other. I think that is the best relationship you can have.


  3. Hi Wendy.

    Aww, that was really sweet - and brave! - of him to ask you to the dance. I think it's really great that you have a friend who is a boy, who isn't necessarily a boyfriend. I kind of think those are the best kinds of friends, as boys can sometimes be nicer than girls.

    I'm glad the dance went well. You two looked nice!


  4. Thanks Mac and Sophie! Yeah, Peter is really the first guy friend I've ever had (besides my dad) but sometimes I feel like he and I have more in common than I do with some of my girl friends. Quinn, for example, would never want to go sit somewhere and read comic books or talk about stuff that didn't have anything to do with fashion.

  5. Sounds like you guys had a great time .. that was so sweet that he asked you to go to the dance, I am glad you were able to go and had a good time while you were there too, you both look good together. It is great to have just friends to do those kinds of things with.


  6. Awwww... That sounds really nice. I love that he said you were the prettiest girl at the dance. Sometimes boys make the best and most honest friends!

    ~ Kiki

  7. Starryeyeschick is my favorite but wendy congrats on that hunk what jly is he

  8. Oh my gosh, that's sweet! You have a better love life than mine.


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