Saturday, January 3, 2009


At dinner tonight I got in trouble for hitting my sister Bethany at the table. I know that makes me sound bad, but I swear I have a good excuse. See, I'm a vegetarian and I have been since I was 5 and I spent a week with my friend Judith from Hebrew school. Her whole family was vegetarian and it rubbed off on me. (And in case you were wondering, I don't get to see Judith anymore because her parents moved the family to Florida.) Well, anyways, we were having dinner and my mom made baked chicken for everyone and a baked chicken substitue for me. Well, Beth and Sarah got to the table before me, and while my parents weren't looking they switched my plate with Beth's! I came to dinner and when we started eating, I took one bite and knew what happened.

I freaked out. I screamed. My mom got mad at me for making a commotion. My dad switched our plates and said no harm was done and I shouldn't overreact to a prank. I wanted to cry. Then, when Beth called me stupid for making such a big deal and said I should eat meat like a normal person, I got a little angry and slugged her. I know I shouldn't fight, but she made me so angry! Then Sarah dumped her diet coke on my plate and mom made us all go upstairs and we didn't get dinner. The twins got grounded for next weekend and I got my whole comic book collection taken away for next weekend. I'm gonna hate not having any of my favorites to read, but at least I'll have the pleasure of knowing the twins won't get to go out next saturday.

Until next time,
Wendy (Angela Moira Darling) Stein XOXO


  1. Bonjour Wendy!
    Your sister doesn't sound very nice!
    That is so cool that you a vegetarian, and for so long! I'm sorry that your comic books got taken away, here I made you a "virtual comic" its just a cover though! :P


  2. The comic is a bit...strange! LOL


  3. Oh my Wendy! That was terrible what your sister's did to you! I'm not usually violent but I must admit that I am glad you hit Beth. I am sorry that you had your comic books taken away though. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you!
    Love, Jane

  4. That doesn't sound too fun! Sounds to me like your sister deserved it. Glad to hear you stood up for yourself, good for you! It's pretty cool that you're a vegetarian, too. BTW that's a cool comic Avery made!

  5. He, He, he. Ruthie here. Thanks for the comment Wendy. Yeah, you do look like Gwen-wow!

    I understand about the vegetarian thing. I'm one too. That would be very upsetting. So sorry it happened.

    Adios dear doll friend,

    Until next time,
    Ruthie Smithens

  6. Oh, je suis désolée, I am sorry, Wendy! It must be rough growing up with two older twin sisters. I don't know what it's like to grow up with older sisters, but if it's any consolation, the one girl here who is tough to get along with is named Bethany...what are the odds of that?! She and her fraternal twin, Isabel, are Jewish and usually agreeable, but not always. Bethany has a habit of making smart remarks and picking on some of us other girls. It's definitely not fun!

    But hang in there! -Sophie

  7. Oh Wendy, I know just how you feel. Jess and Kailey are always fighting, so one time Mia and I went and hid on the window seat and then Jess yelled at Kailey saying how Mia was trying to steal me away from her, and then Kailey yelled at Jess because she thought I was trying to steal Mia away from her. It was really entertaining. I'm sorry about what happened!


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