Sunday, June 28, 2009

An email from Nicki.

Hi everyone! It's me, Quinn. I got an email from Nicki earlier, and I wanted to share it with you. She's still in Colorado, if you're wondering.

"Dear Quinn,
How are you guys doing? I hope you're having as good a time as I am. I had no idea that I missed Colorado so much! When I got off the plane, my mom and dad ran up to and squeezed me so tight I could barely breath! That night my mom made all my favorite foods for dinner, and my friends Becca and Kris came over. Oh my gosh, I missed them so much! They stayed over that night, and we all stayed up all night just talking. And you wouldn't believe how much my little brother and sisters have grown! I hardly recognized the twins. Yesterday I babysat them with Becca, and we actually had fun! I've been hanging out with Becca and Kris everyday... the other day, we went hiking. I've missed being able to do that SO much! I'm having such a good time, I wish I didn't have to come back. And now that I know Nana is getting on so well without me, maybe I'll stay longer. Say hi to Wendy and Taylor for me! Talk to you soon! - Nicki"

Okay. I'm going to try not to be emotional... but it's hard. She doesn't want to come back! What if she doesn't? Gosh, I would miss her so much. What can I do?

Love, Quinn <3


  1. Well if we left MT for all summer WE'D miss it alot...but I don't know. Maybe if Nicki DOES want to stay, you could start saving up for her to come every summer. At least you still have Taylor and Wendy!

  2. Oh Quinn! I am so sorry~! Nicki probably didn't mean to, but is seems she was a little ungenerous about how much she appreciates YOUR friendship. I am sure it was just the excitement of the moment tho. Give it a week or two, she might start BEGGING to come back.
    WE LOVE U and WENDY!

    ~~~14 dolls

  3. Awww, I'm so sorry! She was a little unsensitive saying she doesn't want to come back now that she sees her old friends and family, etc., but she probably didn't mean to sound that way, that's just how it came back. I hope she does come back, but if she doesn't, you should definitely still stay in touch!


  4. Quinn, that must feel awful! She does seem like she was over excited,and a little unsensitive towards you, but maybe it will die down a bit. It probably just came out wrong, thats all. If she dosn't come back, you still have the others. I guess its not quite the same....
    Good luck with this!

  5. oh, well, i'm sure she didnt mean it that way. im sure she meant that she just missed her family a WHOLE lot, and probably was really excited. dont feel bad, if she does stay, you can still visit each other!

    ur friends from samantha and her sisters' extraordinary blog!

  6. Hey Wendy and Quinn! Just wanted to say hi!Hope everything is good!

  7. I'm sorry you're sad, Quinn! I'm sure Nicki wouldn't want you to be sad either!

    p.s Would you mind following my blog? Yours is great, and i want to start commenting on it more : )


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