Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hello from guest blogger Ashley!

Hey everyone! I'm Ashley and my pal Wendy has given me permission to post on her blog! She said she had really neat friends I should meet. =)

So I don't know what she may have already mentioned about me, but my name is Ashley Beaumont and I'm 11 years old. Wendy and Nicki and I got to the same school and have some of the same classes. My best friend is named Taylor Castro... she's amazing! We dance together and have known one another since about forever. That girl is so sweet. My next closest friend is my sister Alice, although she isn't a doll that lives here (yet).

My favorite things to do are dance (obviously), watch silly movies, and read books. I'm pretty into history, and like Taylor I'm a time traveler. I really like to go to Addy and Kirsten's time periods.

Well, I guess that's about it... I hope to get to know you all really well. Bye!

Love, Ashley N. Beaumont (friend of Wendy M. Stein)


  1. Hi Ashley!
    Nice pictures! You are soo pretty, and I love the photo of you and Taylor. :)


  2. Nice to meet you, Ashley! :-)


  3. Hi, Ashley! You look awesome in that tap outfit! What is your favorite kind of dance?

  4. Nice pictures! Bonjour Ashley! I love your outfits...too cute!

  5. Hi Wendy! I have Lani, and she looks A LOT better in person! Check my blog and scroll down for pictures if you want to.



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