Thursday, December 31, 2009

Is it just me, or...

Hello everyone! Wendy here, wishing you all a Happy New Year! Or as Taylor says "Prospero Ano Nuevo!"

Anyways, by now you've all certainly pics of Lanie. She's pretty cute, I think, but there's something that seems a little off... like, perhaps her hair. Is it just me, or does her wig almost look like it's not properly attached? I dunno... not looking to spread negativity or anything but that's just weird...

Hope to talk to you all soon!
Love, Wendy


  1. Happy new year!

    I think what seems off is her bangs, because they're only on one side of her head. It kinda annoys me, but it has grown on me a lot--so I can see both sides of the debate ;)

    Happy 2010,
    ~Sitara & Ruthie

  2. Hey!

    Yeah...We don't particularly like Lanie. We would rather a cuter JLY.

    Oh well!
    Glad we were not the o nly ones who thought "something was off"


  3. I guess Lanie's hairstyle is a little weird, but she is cute, right? Could you check out my blog, by the way? It is:

  4. Lanie is definitely cute but her hairstyle is a little different than most hairstyles on AG dolls. This is probably what makes her seem a little off. I definitely could see why someone might look at her and think she looks off. I like Lanie but I don't think Sunny is going to be purchasing her any time soon!


  5. Bonne annee! I'm pretty sure that a Lanie will be coming to OLN soon. I'm not too big on her hairstyle, and I don't think Caitlin likes the bangs...


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