Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Story of Bre's Dolls

Hello again people! This is Wendy... coming to you on this lovely after-holiday morning with a scheduled post. :D Today I thought that I might write a little something about each of us dolls here... something new, just for fun. =)

Addy - The first doll. Bre got her for Christmas when she was 10 -- in 1998 (wow, the year I was born!) Addy is really nice and smart... she helps us all with spelling and she's teaching me to sew.

Nicki - The second girl. Bre bought her in 2007 direct from AG. What she loved about Nicki was that she loves animals. What I love about Nicki is that she's always up for anything and is so fun.

Samantha - Bre's 20th birthday present. Samantha is really adventurous but still such a lady. She's always trying to have teas or play world explorers.

Nellie - Bre bought Nellie at AGPLA after AG announced that she and Sam were being archived. Nellie is very quiet and thoughtful... she never causes trouble.

Wendy - That's me! Be got me last year on ebay after she decided that she wanted a pre-Mattel #12. I showed up soon... it was kinda like destiny.

Quinn - Quinn is formerly a Mia doll and Bre got her for Christmas last year. She's my best friend, and she's amazing! She's sweet and cool... even though we're really different we always have fun together.

Molly - Bre got her on ebay early this year. She had a hard time fitting in for a while, but now everything is nearly perfect. She always has great ideas and is very outspoken. She doesn't like Kirsten very much though, and I think she's a little mean to her...

Taylor - Taylor is a #25 and was purchased from one of Bre's fellow message board members, and she's been here since this past spring. We didn't used to get along too well, but we're really good friends now! She's one of the most generous and caring people I know.

Noah - Noah is a bitty baby who Wendy got on eBay for like $12. She's a really early bitty too, so she has white eye lashes! She's a really quiet baby and she loves to play with blocks and her teddy bear.

Ivy - Ivy was Bre's 21st birthday present this past August. Ivy is so cool! She has the best stories and always gives me cool music suggestions.

Kirsten - Kirsten joined our family this October. Bre had been wanting her for a long while, so when AG announced the archival, she decided she'd better get her soon. Kirsten is really sweet... she likes to take care of Noah and influence Bre to keep cheese in the house at all times. She and Addy are the best of friends since they live so close to one another in time.

Ashley - Ashley is a #26 and the newest doll here... Bre's Christmas present yesterday. She seems nice so far, and she's in Taylor's ballet class. Her full name is Ashley Noel Beaumont... isn't that neat?


  1. I'm glad to see you again, Wendy! lol to "she tries to influence Bre to keep cheese in the house at all times." :) I'm so excited that Bre got Kirsten! I knew she wanted her.

  2. Hi Wendy and Bre! I hope you had a merry Christmas! :)
    That is neat to learn things about all of your friends. I hope Ashley settles in well!

  3. Hello! Glad to hear you had a great Christmas! Looking forward to hearing about Ashley!


  4. You all sound like a very nice group! I'm glad to hear there's a Kirsten there ;)


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