Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Awesomeness of Ashley

Hi everyone! It's me again, Wendy, here to introduce you to my new friend Ashley.

Ashley is a Just Like You #26, which means she has Addy's face mold, gorgeous curly dark brown hair and this totally unique amber eye color. Her full name is Ashley Noel Beaumont and she was born on Christmas day, 1998. She just turned 11 and goes to my school. What's interesting about her is that she's really smart and was able to skip first grade, so even though her birthday is after the deadline she's in 6th grade. She and Taylor are in the same dance class and they're practically best friends. Ashley is really fun... she loves to watch silly movies and sing and dance along with the radio. And unlike some of my friends, she doesn't mind watching Superman or playing video games. And another neat thing about her is that her family does a lot of travelling so she has cool stories about exotic places. She's a little shy to talk about her travels at first, but once she gets going, she's so excited and animated that you feel like you're on the trip with her! We're still getting to know one another, but I like her a lot already. I'm thinking about asking her to post a guest blog post some time... she says having a blog sounds really fun. =)

Well, that's all for now. Hope to talk to you all again very soon!

Until next time,

Wendy M. Stein, D.D.B. (Dedicated Dolly Blogger)


  1. Ashley sounds really cool! Both my parents also skipped a grade. I'd love for her to guest post about her voyages!

  2. Ashley is gorgeous in that dress! I love her hair!!! I love that she does ballet and I think its cool that she skipped a grade- my Mom did too. Come check out my blog!
    Lola Bean :)

  3. Ashley sounds so neat - and gorgeous as well, hehe! :) I'm sure you two will be great friends!

    It'd be nice to read a blog post written by her. She does look as if she has stories to tell.


  4. I'm glad you're getting to know Ashely, she seems really nice! You two both look very pretty. I'm looking forward to getting to know her more.


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