Sunday, December 27, 2009

Antique Store Finds

Hi everyone! Wendy here. Something super cool happened yesterday! Bre went to a couple of antique stores with her mom and came home with doll furniture!

The first store was kind of a motherlode. She found Samantha's desk for like $20! And it's authentic. Samantha is super excited. She also found this really pretty doll crib for Noah. I like that a lot. The store also had two doll sized wicker loveseats but Bre wasn't able to get one.

Here are some pics:

All of us dolls are hoping Bre goes back again soon. =)

Love, Wendy


  1. Awesome finds! :) Samantha and Noah must be pretty happy. Don't worry about not getting the wicker loveseats, though. We had one, but the white paint on it started peeling and even left white marks on our vinyl when we sat on it. :-( We gave it and the matching chair away.


  2. Cool! The Samantha here is very jealous right now! =)


  3. Oh wow! Great finds, especially the desk! Noah looks very sweet in the crib; it looks like a pioneer-inspired or mission-style piece.

    Ruthie & Sitara

  4. Noah is so cute, I think I want a Bitty to come now just because of her! Wow, I was just looking at your sidebar and I realized that my blog on there is called "Mia's Meraculaus life." and of course, "Miraculaus" is spelled wrong, how embarassing!
    The Samantha here is jealous too :)


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