Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday outfits

So Bre has this thing about us all having holiday outfits, if possible. But because she's gotten new dolls without remembering to get stuff for them to wear around the holidays, she's short a few. So what are everyone's favorite holiday outfits? They can be AG, non-AG, current, or retired. Just need some suggestions. Thanks!


  1. One of my absolute favorites is the Midnight Holly Christmas Dress from AG(retired).

  2. My favorite is the 2003 radiant rhinestone outfit. :)

  3. Hi Wendy,

    I'm not going to be much of a help, since Laura always puts off getting holiday outfits for us girls. She doesn't even have all of the historical Christmas dresses yet, which means that we modern girls won't be getting any holiday dresses any time soon. :(

    Because I don't have a "real" holiday outfit, I find that sweaters and nice slacks look just as good for the holidays. And you know that AGP 3/4 length shirt that's red and has a tie on the side? That, paired with some nice pants, would make a nice holiday outfit.


  4. I love Molly's holiday outfit!!

  5. Well, I'm listing my faves that I have:

    -Midnight Holly Outfit (Retired-2009)
    -Sparkly Plum Outfit (Retired-2010)
    -Dancing Star Outfit (Current)

    Hope this helps for the next holiday!


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