Friday, December 24, 2010

Bre's post: My year through doll collecting

Hello everyone! This is Wendy's ne'er-do-well person Bre. =) Merry Christmas (Eve)!

With the year coming to a close, and Felicity packed up under the tree for me to open in the morning, I've gotten to thinking about my doll collection. This year was rather different than the last couple of years. Let's see.

I got three new AG dolls (not counting Lissie). Marisol I got at the beginning of summer for graduation. Amira (#11) and Brittany (#7) came to me at the same time, which was the first time I'd ever gotten two AGs at once.

I got more non-AG dolls than ever before. I never had any other 18 inch dolls before this year... I now have 5! The first was Claire, who is an Our Generation doll. I got Allie (Gotz precious day) on sale at Tuesday Morning not long after getting Marisol. I got my two Journey Girls, Claudia and Stacey, from TRU to be members of my doll sized Baby-sitters Club. Mary Anne (Gotz Little Sister Tess) is also a babysitter, but I got her from a board member.

This was the first year in two years I didn't ask for an AG for my birthday. I got an Ellowyne Wilde doll instead. (Which reminds me... I should really take pictures of her...)

With #11 and Tess (or Amira and Mary Anne) I got two dolls I had been wanting for a couple of years. Because I don't tend to see them on the secondary market often, I didn't think I'd have them anytime soon, but I got them both in a relatively short amount of time. And I wasn't looking for them at the time.

I've also gotten back into play line Barbies in a big bad way. This is probably the first year in many years that I bought a pink box Barbie doll (or several, rather) to go with my vintage and collectible Barbie collection.

I feel like there's probably like a pattern I should be looking for in my collecting habits, but I'm too dense to really make any kind of connection. =P Would be interested in hearing your collecting habits as well!

Love, Bre, aka BuckinghamAlice


  1. An Ellowyne Wilde? I'd LOVE to see pictures of her! I'm anxious for one of my own, but, well, I keep wanting AG dolls. Maybe when/if I stop adding to my AG collection, I'll get one. It'll be difficult to choose just one, though, because I have several favorites. Which Ellowyne did you get?

    Are you planning to have dolls representing every BSC member - even up through Abby? You at least need a Kristy, now that you have the other three original club members.


  2. Ellowyne is really pretty! She's the "Nothing Springs to Mind" dressed doll, and I have two other outfits as well. I've been meaning to get pics of her up. She'll probably be my only one for a long while at least.

    As for my BSC girls, I definitely want to have a full club, though I've not yet decided on whether or not there will be an Abby. I've only read her first book, so I hardly know her. =P Hopefully Kristy will come soon. Right now, the way I see them, Kristy and Dawn will be custom AGs. And I'll hopefully purchase them at the same time, since they'll need to swap eyes.

    Of course I'll need to save up for a while though! =D

  3. Sounds like you had a GREAT doll year! I got a few dolls this year as well. Kirsten Larson, for one!
    I've been taking a break from my blog, but I am SO glad to be back! I missed reading everyone's blogs. This is Hallie from Sisters in Heart by the way. :)
    The only doll pattern I have is getting dolls I want....hehehe.


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