Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Spring Afternoon

It's been surprisingly Spring-like here lately. Where I live, it's really dry so the plant life isn't as pretty or healthy as we'd like, but we still try to enjoy it.

Yesterday, on Saturday, Quinn came over to play and we had planned to spend the whole afternoon outside looking for lady bugs or dandelions or even four leaf clovers. But instead, my mom told us to sit down on the porch and be still so we wouldn't sunburn or anything.

And that proved to be... really boring. So after a while, my mom found sun block, drenched us both in it, and allowed us to leave the shade. We went in to the lawn and searched for ages for anything fun, but all we found was grass.

We did notice that the buds on my mom's rose bushes looked like they'd bloom soon, but she doesn't allow anyone playing near her flowers (lol). After we got bored outside, we came back in and watched the movies Harriet the Spy and The Parent Trap. We made popcorn first, and I felt a bunch of energy so I started doing cartwheels and somersaults in the living room. Then my mom kinda yelled at me, but I didn't really care. LOL. If I took it personal every time she yelled at me, I'd have left home when I was like three.

If you happened to notice my new avatar, that's where it came from. =)

Until next time,
Wendy (Angela Moira Darling) Stein XOXO


  1. Cute!

    Harriet has Harriet the Spy on DVD, I watched it once when I was over there. Harriet was bullied, too, when the kids found what she'd written about them in her notebook. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if Meredith & co find what I've written about them on my blog (I guess the modern version of a notebook). Looks like you guys had fun!


  2. I love the new avatar! ^_^ I'm glad Quinn came over to play! That must have been so much fun! =]
    Love, Jane

  3. hihi!!
    I LOVE your outfit!!! Also, thanks for adding me to your blog list!!
    Mia from

  4. Je suis jalouse of your new outfit! ;) It looks perfect for adventuring.

    I love Harriet the Spy and The Parent Trap! Like Harriet, sometimes I like to bring tomato and mayo sandwiches for school lunches, and of course, I LOVE spying and writing in my own spy notebook. I was partially inspired to start my own thanks to the movie/book.

    We have The Parent Trap memorized here...but we mustn't watch it now. It'll make my teacher cry since Natasha Richardson's tragic accident. :( I suppose we could just watch the original, but somehow we just don't like it as much.

  5. I like your avatar!

    Harriet the Spy and The Parent Trap are really cool!



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