Monday, March 9, 2009

Ten Facts About Me

Yes, another list. =) I got this one from Rose's blog, and she got it from Mari Luna's blog. Post your own for fun!

1) Full name: Wendy Madelyn Stein

2) School: Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary

3) Country: USA

4) Favorite subject: History

5) Favorite hobby: Reading comic books

6) Best friend: Quinn St. Clair =)

7) Secret: I don't have any... not any I'm willing to share ;)

8) Worst Enemy: I hate to say this, but my older sisters Bethany and Sarah Stein

9) Fave Blog: I have a whole list over there. =) They're all great... I can't pick!

10) Our person: Bre. She and I are a lot alike... we both like comic books, dolls, history, and we both like comfy clothes. But she also likes a lot more girly stuff than I do. But, she loves me, so I suppose that's all that matters.

Until next time,
Wendy (Angela Moira Darling) Stein XOXO


  1. Yay! You did this too!! Keep the chain going!
    Starr likes the name of your school; Eleanor Roosevelt is her role model. She also did a report on her and knows a lot about her.
    History is my favorite subject, too!


  2. Hey Wendy!

    Cool list!

    We're watching an episode of an FBI TV show series (Numb3rs) right now where the Bureau has to find a famous Comic Book amid many forgeries!

    We thought of you!

    13 oldfashiondolls

  3. Hey Wendy, cool list! History/social studies is my favorite subject too! I love the name of your school, we got stuck with a dead old man (John Adams) for the name of ours.


  4. Sounds like fun; I've got a little time; I'll do one, too.


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