Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Header (among other things)

First of all... what do you all think of my brand new header? =)

Also... are you all sitting down?
Yes... that's me in a dress! Bre got Molly's school outfit and thought I should try it on. I actually ended up wearing it to school. That's proof for everyone that doubted... it doesn't happen frequently, but yes, I do at times wear dresses! And this one was a jumper, which I don't mind as much.

Also, I'm going to be getting a special prize for selling the second most amount of cookies this year in my troop. I don't know what I'll get yet, but I'm pretty excited. Also, in a couple of weeks, my troop is going on a nature hike in the mountains. That'll be so fun! Our troop may also go to GS camp this summer. I don't know if I'm keen on that yet... I've never gone to stay away camp. But we'll see.

Quinn and I have decided to go into a sort of a business babysitting to make extra money. She has lots of experience, and I have junior first aid training from Girl Scouts, so we've actually got a few appointments lined up over the coming weekends. We're always going to sit together, that way the parents feel better about it. One lady asked us to watch her 12 year old daughter. Being that we're both 10, we definitely had to turn that one down.

Apart from school, that's nearly all that's going on with me... I'll get you up to date soon on how our business is coming along. =)

Until next time,
Wendy (Angela Moira Darling) Stein XOXO


  1. cool! why dd she want you to watch a 12 year old? did you see the new AG outfits? voh,and you look ADORABLE in molly's dress! - Eliza May

  2. Your new header is cool! And I'm wondering the same thing Eliza is, why are you watching a 12 year old? LOL And also, good luck with your babysitting business. It's something Harriet's talked about doing over the summer, but I have no patience with little kids. Talk soon!


  3. I love your new header! It's very "you"! ^_^

    You look lovely in a dress! *hehehe*

    Love, Jane

  4. I love the new header! Its so cool! How did you make it?
    The dress looks great on you! We have Molly's desk that Starr got for $20 from her friend's mom...heh heh :)
    Anyway, we just got home, so I probably need to go, but just had to check!


  5. Thanks for all the compliments everyone! I'm a little flushed. =)

    Rose, thanks! Bre made the header for me on Paint Shop Pro.

    And as for why that woman wanted us to watch her 12 year old, I would guess it was because, according to everyone in Quinn's apartment complex, she's weirdly overprotective. *shrug*

  6. Your header is very cute!

    I don't wear dresses much either. You look cute in yours, but I don't think I'd be wearing something like that. If I have to wear a dress, it's going to be a costume of some sort.

    A sitter for a 12 year old? I'm 12...and I'm already staying at home by myself!

  7. Congrats on selling all those cookies-the nature hike sounds fun!

    p.s. Wanna exchange blog links?

  8. HIHi!
    I'm Mia! My blog is
    I LOVE your blog and I think kyou are REALLY pretty! I LOVE your header!

  9. Hi Wendy! That jumper is really cute, you look great in it. Your new header is awesome! I really like it. Congratulations on your prize for selling cookies! I hope you and Quinn have fun babysitting! It is hard, I can't handle little kids! That is funny that she asked 10 year olds to watch her 12 year old daughter, lol!


  10. I love your header! It reminds me of one of my friends at school. She also loves comic books.

    LOL at watching a 12 year old! That would definately be awkward...but good luck on your babysitting! :D
    ~Sitara (at 12:22 AM!)


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