Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Anne Frank

We've been talking about World War II in history for the past week or so. I've always found this a pretty fascinating time period and I like studying it. (That's a big part of why I like Molly.) Anyways, our school is having an assembly for the academic awards this quarter, and our teacher volunteered our class to put on a play. And since we're studying WWII, she decided on The Diary of Anne Frank. The assembly is this friday, right before the break starts, and a lot of parents will be there. Because my teacher is really scatter brained and crazy, we didn't start rehearsing the play until today. (No, that wasn't a typo. Today.)

First thing this morning, she assigned parts. I was chosen to play Anne Frank. I was really honored at first, and then I realized I had been a) type cast, and b) completely bamboozled, as that part has A LOT of lines.

Well, before we started rehearsing, to give the class some background on the time period and what-not, we watched this film about the Holocaust. It was SO sad. I didn't mean to, but the film really upset me and I sorta started to cry a little. Not like bawling or anything, but still. This girl named Claire who sits next to me noticed and leaned over and called me "a stupid, overly-sensitive baby." And I wiped my eyes, and kinda without thinking accidentally called her a stupid little... well, I won't repeat the word, because it was kinda bad. And of course, I got in trouble. I didn't even mean to say it... I guess it's something I picked up from my sisters, since they jokingly call each other that at least 10 times a day. The punishment? Lunchtime detention for two days, a call home, and I lost my part in the play. The ironic bit? The new Anne Frank is CLAIRE. Whatever... I didn't want to be in a play anyways.

The good thing, I suppose is that my parents didn't get too mad. My mom told me to watch my mouth from now on (which I promise I will *angelic smile*) and my dad took one of my comics. (And that was only because he wanted to read it.)

Until next time,
Wendy (Angela Moira Darling) Stein XOXO


  1. Hey, I'm sorry you lost your part. That stupid Claire sounds a lot like Meredith though, but I suppose it's fitting that SHE'S now saddled with learning all those lines. I have a mouth problem too, but I end up writing most of what I REALLY think, lol.


  2. omg! Was the movie The Boy In THe Striped Pajamas??? :(
    Mia from amazingags.blogspot.com

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  4. Aww, how could Claire do that?! I'm not even Jewish--not directly anyway--but the Holocaust always makes me sad. Like you, I love studying the era, but I know I couldn't watch a movie about it without crying.


  5. I'm sorry you lost your part! Clair is the insensitive one!

    I would be really sad if I watched that movie, since some people in my family are Jewish, and I am partly Jewish.

    I got detention today too. :(


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