Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hello from guest blogger Taylor

Hi everyone! This is Wendy's friend Taylor. She was kind enough to let me come on her blog and talk to you guys, so I figured I'll just sort of introduce myself. =)

My name is Taylor Castro and I'm 10 years old, 11 in October. I'll be starting 6th grade soon. I've gone to a private Catholic school since kindergarten, and it's okay. I like it, but most of my friends go to different schools. Before I moved in Wendy's neighborhood, I lived two doors down from my grandparents, who are my favorite people in the whole world. My best friend also lived next door. I still get to see them, since it's just on the other side of town, but I really miss running down to Lita's house (I call my grandma Lita because, as a baby, I could never pronounce abuelita, which is Spanish for grandma!) and playing everyday with my friends in the neighborhood. I get to hang out with Wendy a lot here, so it's almost okay.

My one true love is ballet. It's so much fun, and I really feel alive when I dance. I'm an only child, and I live with my parents. My mom is a nurse, and my dad is a reporter and photographer for our town's biggest newspaper. Something that I guess is pretty neat about me is that I can time travel. I've gotten to be pretty good friends with Bre's historical dolls because of that.

Sorry for such a long post! Hope I didn't bore you too much. =) Anything else you wanna know about me, you can leave a comment asking... and maybe Wendy will let me post again.

- Taylor


  1. Hi Taylor!
    It was great learning more about you! :) That must have been really nice to live so close to your grandparents, but at least now you have Wendy, Quinn, and Nicki!
    I'm glad that you like it at Bre's.

  2. Hi. It's Cali! I really liked getting to know you from that blog, Taylor!


    PS: I'm an only child, too!

  3. Hi Taylor! It's great that Wendy let you post because I've been wanting to get to know you a little better. You actually seem a lot like my sister-who is actually still in France.


  4. I know what you mean! I adore ballet as well!

    - Marisol Luna

  5. Wendy?? Are you still alive? ;) You haven't posted in a while, so I hope you are okay! :)


  6. Ya.....are you OK? You have not been posting for awhile!

  7. Wendy! I miss you! What's been happening? We're all worried about you! Are you doing okay?


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