Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bre's post: Wanna talk dolly couture and stuff?

Hello everyone, it's Bre (aka BuckinghamAlice)... Wendy's person. (She insists I say it that way... she's not my doll, I'm her person.) With all the buzz around doll couture, I wanted to talk about it too. I just love looking at it!

I currently own 3 Liberty Jane outfits and 3 by cottage_roses (which Wendy blogged about here). I want my next couture item to be from either terristouch on Etsy or Dollie's Dressmaker. I'm thinking about something for Addy first, since she was my first doll (and the moderns have enough). There is also another Addy outfit that I'm also watching on eBay, but given how those things usually go, I don't have my fingers crossed. Anyways...

From Terristouch, I like these:

These dresses are both in the $20 range. Neither is like anything Addy already has.
The first one looks like something she might wear to school, while the second is a little dressier... a party dress.

Then, from Dollie's Dressmaker, there's this one:

This dress is based on a retired Addy outfit called her Patriotic Party Dress that I never got the chance to get. It usually sells for quite a lot on eBay, and is usually not even complete. The only downside to this dress is that, at $41.95, it's more than the other two. I don't mind paying for high quality though, so we'll have to see. I have a birthday coming up in August (the big two-one!), so maybe I'll get lucky and get one of these dresses.

The main thing I'm asking for as a birthday present is Ivy! She is really darn adorable. And I've already got a terristouch item I want for her.

Couldn't you see Ivy skipping down a San Francisco street in that? I can't stop seeing it, lol. I think Ivy will need to get this dress soon after she arrives. I'm not crazy about her meet outfit, and it isn't as though AG has made a lot of clothes for her!

So I'm going to try very hard to save up my money for couture and nice things for my dolls. I think they deserve it. Any thoughts on which Addy outfit is the best? Thoughts on my plan to get Ivy? Other thoughts? I'd like to hear what you all think. =)

All pictures above belong to their respective owners - Terristouch and Dollie's Dressmaker. I own nothing in this blogging but my humble opinions.


  1. I like all those dresses. Of the ones for Addy, I really like the 2nd one. It is very pretty!
    That dress is perfect for Ivy! I hope you're able to get her.

    on Avery's account ;)

  2. Yay for doll couture! :)
    I've gotten a dress for Nellie from terristouch and I would definitely recommend it. Those Addy dresses are all pretty! I want to get something from Dollies' Dressmaker, too, but unfortunately the dress I wanted just sold before I could get it. :( Well, I'm keeping my eyes open for any new outfits for Sam & Nellie.

    Ivy is adorable! I think I want her...eventually. My birthday is coming up to (Sunday! Woot!) and I asked for Rebecca and all her outfits. I don't think I'll be getting her, but at least I put it out there I want her. :)
    And that '70s dress is so cute! It would look great on Ivy! :)


  3. Addy outfits...Hmmm. The second one kinda reminds me of Nellie's meet dress but it's my favorite of the Addy dresses you picked for debate:). Ivy is REALLY cute. She's different, and I like dolls that are different. In fact I bought Jess but she's not here yet; she has kinda the same face mold as Ivy. I can see Ivy skipping down the streets with that dress on! I agree Ivy is cute, so I'm getting her next year along with Julie:).


  4. Hey Bre!
    I think that the last dress would look GREAT on Ivy! I hope that you're able to get her, you seem like an "Ivy" person to me :D Have a great future birthday!

  5. Hey Bre!
    Oh my GOSH!! Right now I am SO jealous because I absolutely LOVE doll Couture, but Jessica is so Broke right now, and anyway, she's got her bank locked away saving for a DOLL (for pities sake!) At LEAST I convinced her to get me a Liberty Jane outfit on eBay! Your dolls are so lucky!
    ~Jess, the Great.


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