Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The new doll is... (Plus new stop-motion video)

The new doll arrived today! We're all very excited to introduce to you ... Marisol Luna! Or, as I'm told, Marisol Estrella Luna Torres!


And we have a little album about meeting her here. Comments are always appreciated!

Plus, we also have this new video of Taylor's dancing. Bre made it last night... it's her first stop-motion!

Finally, Bre made us more food stuff and added them to the first album. The new pics start


  1. Congratulations on Marisol, Bre. She is certainly a lovely one. Wendy, I hope you can be friends with her!

  2. Welcome, Marisol! I hope you have lots of fun with Wendy and everyone.

    Taylor's recital was great! I like her costume; I do ballet, too, and so does Susie-so fun!

  3. Marisol is stunning! :D Nice stop motion, too.

  4. Welcome to Marisol! Our Marisol is named Elena and is Josfina's big sister so we don't play with her much since she lives in the past most of the time.

    Thanks for commenting on our blog. We will have to add you to our list of blogs we follow. We love new friends!

    ~Kiki, Mia & Eva


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