Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The carnival and how it turned sour.

Well, the carnival finally happened yesterday. It went okay at first, but then not so well. Quinn and I were having a lot of fun. We bought these stupid sunflower hats from the rummage sale and we got our faces painted. We ate a lot of junk food and played a lot of silly games. We won some silly little prizes too.

And then Nicki showed up. And Quinn forgot all about me. I've been replaced before, but never so quickly. What am I gonna do?

Take a look at the album and you can see more or less how everything happened.

Anyways, tomorrow afternoon is the junior high tour. I'm hoping to find out good things about my soon to be new school. *sigh*

Until next time,
Wendy (Angela Moira Darling) Stein XOXO


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  2. Some quickies before I go to school.

    Aww, sorry it didn't go too well. :( I know that feeling, when you've been looking forward to something so much, and it turns out to be a big letdown.

    I had that similar friendship problem when Harriet first introduced me to Kristy. Kristy had been friends with her since they started kindergarten, and I was a little jelous. Harriet at first wanted to do things with just Kristy, leaving me behind. I was dissapointed, then I understood, then I started inviting Kristy to do things along with the two of us. Now she's my friend as well. Maybe something similar could happen. Nicky could become your friend as well, if you and Quinn could invite her to do things along with the two of you.


  3. I'm so sorry that things didn't go too well! I hate the feeling of being "replaced". I'm sure Quinn still is your friend too! Maybe you guys could be a threesome?


  4. oohhhh! Wendy, we hope everything sour turns out 'sweet'.

    WE LOVE U!

    your friends @ 13oldfashion dolls!

  5. That's awful that you got left out. I hope the three of you can become a best friends trio *hugs*

  6. Hi Wendy,

    I'm sorry Quinn forgot about you. It's awful being left out. When I moved here and for about half a year, Felicity hated me-it made me sad. Now we're ok friends. And Gabby came from ebay. She said her old owners didn't want her anymore and she was taken to a thrift store then an innermedyary bought her to sell her on ebay. She says waiting was really hard and she felt verry lonely, until Missy saw her and won her.

    I hope Quinn won't forget about you again. Have you thought about trying to be friends with Nicki? Maybe all 3 of you could be friends?

  7. Hey! I know it was kinda scary. I had a dream your were in it- see our newest post. Ok...this is probably is not what you want hear but Quinn has a really cute outfit on. Anyway, your problem... Have a sleepover with just Quinn, and tell her how you feel.

    Then again, Quinn is going to have other friends to, as you do. Remember even if she has other friends that does not mean you are not one of them. Hope this helps!

    Samantha :)

  8. I think Nicki should have either included you from the get-go or not done the cake walk. I sure don't blame you for feeling jealous. I'm interested to see how the story turns out...

  9. Dear Wendy
    I'm So sorry! I'm still your friend though :) We'll ALWAYS be friends,.
    Mia and MAra adn Sammy


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