Friday, May 29, 2009

Shopping for Quinn's birthday

Today was the last day of school! It was great. All the fifth graders in school (from all three classes) were given a big party in the playground. There was so much ice cream and pizza! I almost burst! We finished up our tests and stuff yesterday, and turned in our big history papers. We were allowed to chose any American historical figure and write a big paper about them and what they accomplished. But the catch was that girls had to choose women and boys had to pick men. (I told you my teacher was weird.) I wrote about Abigail Adams.

Meanwhile, tomorrow Nicki and I are going shopping for Quinn's birthday presents tomorrow. I think Nicki already knows what she wants to get her, but I have no idea! What should I get her?

Until next time,
Wendy (Angela Moira Darling) Stein XOXO


  1. Hehe, come on, Wendy! I'm not a gift expert and I don't know Quinn that well... what does she like?


  2. So jealous! My school ends on the 19th of June.

    I think it is definitely weird about the girls doing women and boys doing men. It seems unfair. But I hope you do well on that paper!

    Quinn likes fashion, doesn't she? Maybe you could buy her a cute top or jeans.

    Congrats on finishing 5th grade!

  3. @ Haley - I'm not either! And it's hard to pick for someone who likes everything! My choices aren't narrowed at all, lol.

    @Sitara - My teacher is really weird... she does a lot of things that made the entire class cringe. I think I will get her something to wear. I'll ask Bre for help since she cares a little more about fashion than I do. =P

  4. I'm glad that you had a good last day of school! It must feel so good to get it over with. I still have 2 weeks :'( Your teacher does sound really weird. At least you won't have her next year. Abigail Adams is a great person to write about though.

    I hope you and Nicki have a good time shopping. Maybe you could make Quinn a necklace/bracelet, or get her one. Personally, I like handmade gifts a lot, and if she is into fashion, it sounds like a great thing to get her! :)


  5. Hi Wendy!
    Maybe you could make Quinn a remix of songs, loike the ones she wants to play at her party, or some that she doesn't have that you know she wants. Maybe you could get her a doll or a stuffed animal... Question. How many dolls does your owner own???

  6. @ Avery - I hadn't thought of making her something! I know Bre has a huge case of beads and Quinn loves jewelry...

    @Mia, Mara, and Sammy - I like the songs idea! But we have pretty different tastes in music, lol. And I know that she's definitely getting a doll from someone, but I'm not supposed to tell her. =D And there are 7 of us dolls (hopefully 8 soon!).

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  8. (sorry, I deleted the above comment because i wasn't on my account. shhhh don't tell my sis I was on hers!)

    Anyway, I am sure you will be at the store, and walk by something that screams "i'm for Quinn!"

    Kepp us posted!


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