Monday, May 4, 2009

Dog sitting!

Hey again! Quinn here. Today, one of the women from my apartment building had to be gone all day, so she paid me to watch her dog Coconut. Wendy and I took him to the park. What fun!


Coconut was a nice and fun doggy. I wish I could have a dog. In our apartments you have to pay $500 to get a pet permit to have a dog or cat live with you. So my mom has put her foot down about that. *sigh* But at least I had fun dog sitting today, and I got paid. =)

Love, Quinn <3


  1. You should start a dog sitting bussiness!!

  2. Awwww, Coconut is so cute! I'm glad you had fun with him. You and Quinn look super cute in those outfits, and I love the bench that's our size.


  3. Thanks Avery! It's actually the bench from Addy's school desk. =)

  4. I see a picture of two cuties...


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