Friday, May 22, 2009

Nicki... my... friend? Ish?

So I found out more about Nicki. She's from Colorado, and she used to live on a ranch with her parents, younger brother, and younger twin sisters. Yeah, twin sisters! She's lucky they aren't older. She moved her recently because her grandmother (who lives here) needed help around the house. And she couldn't turn her grandma down. So she had to leave her family and all her friends... but here she is. She has this amazing horse named Jackson... he's gorgeous! He was in Colorado until this past weekend. Her parents agreed to have him stabled here for her so she could visit him anytime. We were at a troop meeting yesterday when she asked me if I wanted to go with her to see him. She even said maybe I could ride him some time, but since I have never ridden any kind of animal, I don't think I'll be taking her up on that any time soon.

I don't know though... we are in a kind of friendly place now. She's nicer than I ever thought. It's nice having someone on my troop who is, at the very least, an ally. A lot of the girls on my troop are really stuck up.

But best of all... I'm happy to say I'm no longer best friendless. Quinn and I made up. After our visit to the stable, Nicki and I went to her house, and after about 10 minutes Quinn showed. Turns out that Nicki invited us both over without telling the other. We saw each other and just resumed normalcy. *happy* So, I have my best friend back thanks to the one person I thought was going to steal her away.

Until next time,
Wendy (Angela Moira Darling) Stein XOXO


  1. Hey Wendy, see, I told you it would work out in the end...
    Your Nicki sounds A LOT like my cousin, who also lives in Colorado with a younger brother and 2 younger twin sisters. My cousin, though, lives on a huge sprawling ranch outside Denver. Her mom and my mom are identical twin sisters, and it's funny her mom also had twin girls. And our grandparents are all dead. :(
    As for Quinn, it was gonna be rough going at first, but in every friendship disagreements happen. Now, you're not gonna replace Quinn as your BESTEST friend, but it's okay to have other pals, too. :)


  2. I'm so glad you got things worked out! Well...somewhat! Anyway...Quinn rocks! So don't forget about her like she did to you. Your strong!

  3. Yay! Tell Quinn HI BUDDY!!! Do you think that Nicki could be your OTHER best friend??? That'd be cool!

  4. I'm so glad that things worked out between you, Quinn, and Nicki! That is really nice how you and Nicki are getting to become friends. You guys should all be best friends :) I haven't ridden a horse either, but I think it would be fun to try!


  5. Oh my that is so great! YEAH NICKI!

    And I *love* your ideas for a RR dress! Thanks!


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