Friday, March 12, 2010

Addy's new couture dress - review

Another scheduled post. =)

Addy just got a great new dress a while back. It's from ebay seller newyorkdolldesigns. This is something of a review.

The fabric is absolutely lovely, although I'm not sure how well you can tell in the pictures. It's very detailed -- there's ribbon trim and decorative buttons. The dress closes with snaps rather than velcro -- that's always a plus since it doesn't snag hair or stockings! The seams are all finished and serged. A good thing about this particular dress is that it's cut wide enough to accommodate the hoopskirt from Addy's retired underwear set. (We don't own this set, however. Addy is shown wearing the dress hoop-less. *sigh*)

I think the dress looks rather smart with Addy's lace-up boots (pictured above) and with her heartwarmer shawl.
My only complaint is that the dress has the very faintest, slight whiff of cigarette smoke. It would probably only aggravate very sensitive allergies.

Overall, I would highly recommend this seller. The dress is wonderful!

Love, Bre/BuckinghamAlice, who is hijacking Wendy's account


  1. Awww Addy is so cute! So is that dress, I love it! Congrats. :)

  2. Addy's dress looks wonderful! I love the color. :)


  3. Addy's dress is very nice!

    Haley :)


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