Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dance Class

In my school, whenever the weather is bad out, we always have P.E. in our cafeteria (which has to serve as cafeteria/auditorium/gym) -- and the only thing we can do is dance. The eighth grade P.E. teacher Mrs. Moon leads us in these lame choreographed dances with very simple moves. Ashley hates it because it makes her want to do some real dancing, which this is not. Anyways, it was cold this morning, so we were dancing and Nicki discovered that Jason has P.E. with Mrs. Moon the same period we have P.E. with the 6th grade teacher Mrs. Campbell! So they did all their pairs dances together, and I've never seen her blush and giggle more. She really likes him...

Then we met up this afternoon after school to walk to my house and we ran into Jason just as we were leaving campus. He offered to walk with us, although it was pretty obvious he just meant Nicki. They even held hands, and when we got home, they hugged goodbye.

I can't blame her for liking him... he's cute, with his shaggy blondish hair and freckles and green eyes. He looks SO California, and apparently he used to leave near the coast. He's a nice guy... that's why I'm most disappointed in all the lying Nicki is doing...


  1. Your sitch w/Niki reminds me a lot of what's going on with Natalie. Shes really dissapointed me, for sure. I'm sure you're dealing with the same thing. But I'll tell you the same thing Vee told me, she's human and therefore she isn't perfect. I hope someday she'll tell you why shes lying and stuff.


  2. I feel sorry for Nicki .. lying like that never bodes well .. you almost always get caught and it turns out worse in the long run .. and if you do not get caught you usually end up with a horrible guilty feeling and nothing is ever right .. lying is never good .. so I feel sorry for Nicki when this catches up to her and falls apart. Poor thing.

    Ta Ta,


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