Monday, March 22, 2010

Nicki + Jason = ????

So, you guys remember how I told you about Nicki getting asked to the dance by an eighth grader named Jason Tonner? Well, I'm in the school library typing this right now, because I'm in shock! Jason works in the library for extra credit... that's where Nicki met him. He's been flirting with her since we came back from winter break... because he thinks she's an eighth grader too! Nicki, Ashley, and I were in the library this morning and Jason came up to us and asked if we had Mrs. Arbuckle for English. Arbuckle only teaches grade 8! Ashley and I laughed and said we had Mrs. Lamb (who only teaches grade 6), but Nicki lied to him... she said she had Arbuckle too! And then she told Jason that Ashley and I were here younger cousins and she helps with our homework.

She told Jason she'll go to the dance with him even though her grandmother said she wasn't allowed to go with a boy. And then she made me and Ashley promise we wouldn't tell her grandma.

Nicki has never lied before. What's my friend becoming? She's acting like a... *gulp*... teenager!


  1. LOL yep she sure is acting like a teenager, a lovesick one at that, someone in the throes of her first serious crush. If I remember my cousin's experience once, she'll get over it and move on to the next boy.

    Haley :)

  2. Oh no, she is starting to lie and do things like that to get a boy to like her. The teenage issues and drama. I keep telling my sisters I do not want to become a teen .. I like my simple life. LOL!!

    Ta Ta,

  3. Aww, she really must love him then (or "think" she loves him, as the case may be). I wish I could offer some advice, but haha, I'd probably do the same thing as Nicki. Hopeless romantic that I am!


  4. You should talk to her. And tell Jason about her, she might get mad but she'll see you did the right thing.


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