Friday, March 19, 2010

Beautiful Nicki

So, I don't know if you guys have noticed, but my friend Nicki is like a beautiful young woman. I'll be honest... I hadn't noticed. I mean, I knew she was pretty and all, but yesterday at school, they announced that we'll be having a dance next Friday. It's not an evening time date kind of dance... it's during school, and if you have a black or gold card (meaning a GPA of over 2.7) you get to miss 7th period for this dance. Even though it's not a date type thing, some of the older kids are going in couples... and after school, an 8th grader named Jason Tonner asked Nicki to go with him! Well, her grandmother said there was no way she'd allow that... but now Nicki thinks she's very mature. She asked Bre for her own photo shoot, and we all had to admit that she's looking more grown up since she turned 11.

Here is the album. See for yourself. =)



  1. Very pretty pictures!
    I must agree with you; she does look very grown up.

  2. She is definitely a stunner! LOL! Beautiful pictures. Nicki is very pretty, but keep in mind, so are YOU Wendy! :)

  3. Nicki is lovely, she does look really grown up!


  4. Wow! She is really pretty.
    ~Mia & Eva

  5. She is very pretty! She looks like she has great style, too. I love the jumper and cowgirl hat together.



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